This month I’ve been really spoilt by the amount of great releases. I’ve processed thousands of tracks and whittled it down to my top 25. Check out what made the list below and listen to the full playlist here

Organised Scum- Insane Making Behaviour
I’m writing this on a lazy Sunday, and this track is perfect for lovely lazy Sundays. There’s nothing lazy about the production of this track though, and every time I play it back I notice another little detail that makes me smile.

Drunk Mule- Northside
The lazy Sunday vibe continues with the next track. The laid-back sound conjures images of flat open landscapes, and an eternity to saunter across it.

Memory Flowers- Life is Glorious
A gentle American rock tune here, but with a grounded and heartfelt carpe diem. You won’t be able to get the chorus out your head all week and it practically makes up for the final jaunty phrase on the guitar at the end.

Matthew the Ox- Beyond the Gates
Matthew has been a favourite of mine for a while- and this Cashian (as, like Jonny Cash, not like Kim) American clean picking combined with Country slide picks up his cowboy drawl beautifully.

John Joseph Brill- The Grape and the Grain
To me, this meaningful track sounds like peering through a haze of cigarette smoke up at a cracked ceiling as dawn arrives. Exactly what needs to be played as when you reach the mellow sobriety before you start to come-down.

Sam Wright- Get Lucky
Successful covers don’t just imitate, they show the original in a new light. Sam has made this seem effortless with his wistful and subdued version of the Daft Punk hit that coveys painful disappointment with humanity.

Andrew Howie- Victory
I feel like an intruder listening to this track. The tone is so intimately personal, witnessing it is like being caught in a PDA. There’s something sweet about it nonetheless and I can’t make light of the way his gravelly croon is dusted by her breathless trill.

Snippet- Digital Yes
Fans of Lemon Jelly need look no further. The ambient droning grove is fully supported by a heart-warming sound-bite and is the aural equivalent of sinking into a soft sofa.

Acre-Tarn- Lanterns
Lanterns took me by suprise, it’s a lot heavier and a lot deeper than the introductory (panpipes?) gave away. Her voice is strong enough to carry through the impressive range that beats its way into your skull.

Hayley Cannon- Who Are You?
Similarly just wait for the third minute of Hayley Cannon’s latest recording. Once it strikes up the tempo the intensity cranks up and up leaving you vibrating with amnesia and energy.

Ever- Home
Birdsong as a backing track always scores an extra point. This ditty is full of nothing but twiddly, fiddly twitterings, but in a really great way.

Colony House- Silhouettes
If the Kooks had been a little more Rock & Roll… Best new indie this month with all the vocal hooks, noodly guitar phrases and simplistic rhythm.

CARW- Feathers
Some more dreamy jangly electronic nonsense now. Lovely to sway to in a bubble factory.

UOVO- Love Anthem
This band is new to me but here they’ve somehow managed to combine uneasiness with whimsicality (yes it’s a word). Kind of like looking back on Captain Pugwash.

Fortnight in Florida- Save Our City
Droning ambient hypnotism at it’s finest. Fans of The American Analogue Set please stop here.

Matt Mereport- Are You Left or Right-Handed?
Ghosts swim through this wonderful combination of piano and Erhu. Matt tells us it was recorded in ‘cavernous surroundings.’ Wherever that was- it sounds beautiful.

Mike Vass- A Meditation on Loss
I’ve associated Mike with his earlier ocean-inspired folk. This is (to me) a new tack where he sensitively handles a difficult theme. He does fantastically as this is highly emotional but charged with a real uplifting boost- portraying grief as a strong healing process.

Unquiet Nights- Don’t Wanna Kill for Religion
Few would disagree with the title sentiment, but with recent political events this is a message that perhaps needs reinforcing. Either way these guys take us on a nice droney journey that is full of guitar solos, slick bass and a relentless pounding of drums.

Fins a Luminous- Funeral Shake
Nihilism and dissatisfcation with modern urban life seeps through from this song. It is powerful- do not listen if already feeling emotionally unstable!

Violetic- Treese
Excellent- dark forbidding doomy. The vocals remind me of a pissed of Thom Yorke.

Flowermouth- Grey Facade
I rarely get to showcase some spoken word- and I’m glad to get my chance here. Flowermouth has provided the perfect backdrop to these words.

An Di YI- What Comes Around
Blissfull ambient background jazz. It’s wonderfully easy to loose yourself in the latest creation from this fantastically prolific artist.

Sub Hero-  A Dub for the Lost
Exactly as good as you should expect this to sound 🙂 Enjoy

Ruinz Ason
I love how this contrasts with the previous track. This tongue-in-cheek poke at the industry holds up as a great track in it’s own rights

Yndi Halda- Illuminate my Heart my Darling
This sweeping winter soundscape evokes a frozen delicate panorama, a beautiful crystalline preservation in audio. It is 17 minutes long and this is my only criticism- WHY NOT 18??


One comment

  1. wes parham · January 4, 2016

    Thanks for featuring flowermouth’s “grey facades”. The spoken part was created for the existing musical track. It was our third time collaborating and I hope to do more in the future. Thanks, again!


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