3. December 2015

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23 is a good number. Once more I’ve mercilessly whittled down the massive amount of submissions to bring to you the very best of what was uploaded this month.

Mattie Ginsberg- Brawd a Chwaer
Mattie is a massively prolific artist. I once attempted to listen to his entire catalogue but the neighbours complained before I finished it. This is one of a few he uploaded in December, and has his typical gruff, rough and ready style. It’s wonderful- a modern Snowdonian bard.

Where Fires Are- Your Brother
Where Fires Are describe this track as ‘Alternative Rock’ but that hardly does it justice. Anthemic, whistleable, powerful rock that gets stuck in your head for weeks. Also, if you’re training for Tough Mudder check out the video for a laugh

Matthew Falloon- Strike Me Blind
This track is strong in lyric and in melody. It’s all too easy to picture a dejected Matthew, slumped over a piano in the smokey air of an underground bar, pouring out his soul to anyone that will listen.

UOVO- Angry Gnomes
I don’t know what magic has gone into this track, but UOVO takes you on a whimsical journey full of pipes, small stringed instruments and the voices of angry gnomes. Fans of Euros Childs need to listen to this.

Fishclaw- Laura Lynn
Fishclaw really spoilt me this month, and I had four great uploads to choose between. Fantastic post-rock modern folk instrumental that’s reminiscent of Balmorhea, the Clogs  and Peter Broderick.

The Gravity Drive- Fun
I haven’t been the first to rave about this one as it’s already celebrated by BBC Radio 6, BBC Radio 2 & XFM. From the debut album Testament a clean sounding pop song grounded in harmony and melody.

Ropestore- You Said This Wouldn’t Happen To Us
It feels wierd following a husband and wife duo (the gravity drive) with such a passive aggressive relationship angst ridden track. Fans of The Dodos will appreciate the simple catchy melody floating underneath some intensely personal lyrics that are sung/spoken.

Organised Scum- Anti Sleaze Track
Organised Scum describe this track as ‘a sort of Roxy Music versus Dino Jr Vibe’. It’s nowhere near as chaotic as you would expect this to sound, but the intense passion in the vocals spill over nicely from the composure of the rest of the crew.

Jim Pearson- Stomp
At the time of writing this belter has only had 22 plays, and I think 20 of them are me. For just a demo the production is fantastic. The concept and the style is simple but relentless and instantly relatable. Can’t wait to hear the finished version.

Wesfinch- The One You Let Slip Away
This growler was taken live from a few years back. True Texan country blues poor out of this track, you can just hear the freight train pounding on remorselessly through the heat.

Fighting Caravans- Flavour Of The Month
I had to make a tough decision between a few Fighting Caravans tracks uploaded this month. I chose this live track as I just can’t get the keening, droning vocals out of my head. Takes you into the saloon bar of a dirty bar in the wild west just before someone smashes a bottle.

By The Rivers- If They Don’t Know
Some nice and relaxed easy living skank. The first comment to this track was ‘the world is so BEAUTIFUL’ and I couldn’t agree more. Allow yourself to be lost in the delayed sax, dream of Summer, and chill.

Dj Vadim & Sena- Boneshaker
This track is sick, there’s no other word for it. Even the furniture starts dancing when I play this. No neighbours complain no matter how loud it gets cranked, awesome energetic, horny dub.

Gerg Robots- Gettin’ Foggy With It

Oddly this is the most aggressive of the tracks I recommend this month. A modern day super-mario/Cyriak mash-up- do not listen to right before you go to sleep.

The Kubricks- Skallywags
For the first 20 seconds I swore I had tuned into a rare version of ‘when I’m cleaning windows’. However the hammond kicks in, the syncopated drums start and the offbeat upstroke reveal it for what it really is- a good old fashioned 2 tone ska revival track.

Heidi Brown- When It Snows
This orchestrated folk singer-songwriter track can be downloaded here. I love the combination of banjo and magic wand sound effect. Nonetheless Heidi is a very talented multi-multi instrumentalist (I didn’t hear the accordion the first time) that has here produced a lovely fireside warmer

Hattie Briggs- Turn On The Lights
I’ve been a massive fan of Hattie for a while now. This track is perhaps the most overtly Christmassy of this month and the video is a real tear-jerker. She’s been really busy on a couple of long international tours but has somehow found time to write and record this wonderful song.

Josh Savage- Verres Profonds
Listening to this track will make you feel more cultured. Josh sings with a commendable french accent but the track itself is a real anthemic call to arms. Picture the best scenes from les miserables sung by frightened rabbit.

Nonbeliever- Aurora Jest
Background music to sway to. Very easy to wash up to, talk to a spouse about their day to, or other menial task. At times it drifts into a vaguely uneasy tone but it always brings it back round to let you sway again.

Mick Flaherty- Signifier
This soothing electonica ambience will instantly help you relax and unwind. Delicately layered synths gently float past you. Great music for a hot bath.

Aayushi- Tourists
A lovely little delicate voice defines this track. Aayushi joins the traditions of Ohbijou and the Acorn- painting a haunting vision of a beautiful world with the voice of a rainbow.

Fork and Knife- End Scene
I could barely resist closing my playlist this month with this track. Cinematic, emotional, reflective music, it invites you to muse upon the last year and opens up thoughts of the next.

Glass Ankle- Can’t Help Falling in Love
Unusually my favourite this month is a cover. I’ve followed Glass Ankle for ages and they’ve put their signature ambient, drifting spin on this classic originally by the King. A beautiful song, sung beautifully.