7. June 2016

Hello! Thanks to certain social media difficulties I have been unable to continue my blog, but this month is right back on schedule and jam-packed with the very best of June to grace your ear drums. See the full playlist here for my best uploads and releases this month 🙂

Sam Wright NE- Ever Fallen in Love (Buzzocks Cover)
This month starts with a fantastic cover. This stripped back accoustic version shows the greatness of the song underneath. There will be those (and I’m almost in your camp) that the original didn’t need improving but Sam really shows it in a new light and plays it as well as if he’d written it.

Will Joseph Cook- Take Me Dancing
Singer song-writer WJC has brought us this typically great pop tune. Available here on iTunes I strongly urge you to get it, as listening to it is the only way to get the chorus out of your head. A lovely sunny track full of life.

Owen Duff-Witches
A multitude of multimedia inspirations spawned this playful orchestrated pop song. A great theme has been taken and stretched as far as possible. You could almost imagine The Beetles of 10CC at their wackiest coming up with something like this.

Human Edwards- Nissan Micra
A track full of detail, telling the story of a test that almost all of us have to go through. I love the little bits in this, like the fact that a sample of an indicator is almost all of the percussion. The soundtrack noodling away in the background stands up on its own by the way, more like something you’d expect to here on an album by Gorky’s Zycotic Mynci.

The Humdrum Express- Game, Set and Match Fixing
A playful look at the Wimbledon tournament now. This track is all about the lyrics, tripping over some of the social aspects of this huge event in a tongue-in-cheek way.

Gerg Robots- Blessed Are the Fleek
Things start to get a bit bleepy here with long-standing friend of the blog Gerg Robots. Listening to this makes you feel like a dancing robot on a SNES assembly line.

Fork and Knife- Shush
A nice piece of fun here, treble happy electronica that doesn’t really stick to one genre, it’s like play Mario-Kart with Nyan Cat.

K.O.G and the Zongo Brigade- Yehowa
Full of energy, clean horns, fast-paced drums and a vocal delivery that will blow you away.

The Geek X VRV- I Don’t Wanna Know
Taken from the EP this amazingly produced track glistens and sparkles in the ear. Dreamy drippy drony synth that nods along with the vocals.

Hailu Mergia & Dahlak Band- Wede Harer Guzo
A great recording from 1978 but only just now released. A fantasitc organ centred piece that just makes you want to clap and dance.

Youel- Uncovered
Gorgeously drifting electronic vocal loveliness that you can’t help swaying to.

Triple Lip Gloss- Glittering Unseen
A swelling, unstoppable surge of harmony. Delicate and fragile yet ringing with unstoppable force, like a glacier made of crystal.

Tensor- Leeping Into the Rest
Smokey saxophone meets an endless loop of exquisite samples, sucking time away into a deep dark drain.

Musterion- Return to Self
This track reigns in the vibe now with a mesmerizingly hypnotic instrumental from Musterion. Crisp meets chill, and as it builds you feel all motivation to do anything but listen just drain away…

OK, Goodbye- Memory Cards
A track for all those who enjoy AMSR inducing sounds. OK, Goodbye has taken a lovely sample from Cocaine Jesus and mixed it up with lots of lovely synths, scratchy noises, and whispering that gets the hair on the back of your neck standing up in a delicious way.

Mercury Vapour- Dream of Sleeping
A lovely syrupy heavy track here, big on melancholic ambience. You sense everything is going wrong, but as if you are on an anaesthetic and cannot help but be swept along. Give it a listen, you’ll see what I mean.

Mick Flaherty- Living on a Ley Line
Another break from form here. Those of you (like me) used to hearing Mick produce lovely soothing instrumentals are about to be woken up by electronic, tension filled fast-paced soundscape. A great demonstration of his diversity.

Roses Are Blue- Like Air
The top comment against this track is ‘another perfect song.’ I can’t really top that description. The track builds a quiet sense of desparation and suffocation, with great Roxy Music synths.

James Cook Music- The Great British Coup
James has made it onto this blog I think for the second time from one album. My attention was first caught from his Kraftwerk cover, but this has far more of a contemporary feel. Orchestrated pop, in The Divine Comedy sense a chilling response to the recent Brexit results.

Lewis and Leigh- There is a Light
A lovely and typical close harmony duet from Leigh and Lewis, available as a free download when you pre-order the new album from here.

Danielle Lewis- Anywhere is Home
New release following up from her debut in 2013 Welsh star Danielle Lewis has come up with another lovely track of loyalty and hope. Sweet optimistic accoustic lovelyness.

Golden Fable Band- Comatose
A great new track to enter the Golden Fable cannon. Fans will recognise the style straight away, but the vocal extra grace notes and added layers of percussion put this in a class of its own. Grand sweeping vocals set to a lovely soundscape of warm hugs.

The Low Countries- Goes by the Name of the Sun
An old track but a new upload here. From the Summer of 2011 but perhaps more relevant now. A lovely simple track bewailing the British Summer (or lack of).

The Bookshop Band- We Are the Foxes
Title track from second album of a ten album project inspired by books. This adorable alt folk song is inspired by GLOW by Ned Beauman and celebrates the lives of those existing with different circadian rythms. Sweet harmony driven folk with added glockenspiel.

August and After- The Orchard
A beautifully produced orchestrated alt-folk. The vocals are more spoken than sung, making you want to strain to catch every enunciation. The swings glide through, carrying us along like autumn leaves in the breeze. Gorgeous.

Apple of My Eye- The Beast Below
My favourite this month has come from these guys that I’ve been following with interest for a while now. I love their style of orchestrated folk where all members contribute to the vocals. They’re starting to attract a reputation for bringing music to new places, but this is a bit of break from form as they tell a chilling story of a leviathan attack on a fishing vessel. Rousing stuff. Video found here with an impressive rival to the macarena at the end.