6. March 2016


18 Amazing new tracks for you this month ranging from Afro hip-hop to orchestrated folk with everything in-between. Check out the full playlist here.

Afro Cluster- Love Thing
This afro-funk will wake you up and sort you out. Sunny brazing horns lovingly rapped over by the dulcet tones of MC Skunkadelic

K.O.G & the Zongo Brigade- Turn Up The Music
Some more funky groovy hip-hop-n-horns. Intense African beat released on the 26th March as part of mission to release a sick single every month until August. Can’t wait for their April release!

Dead Seem Old- And Repeat
A rough and ready demo here with a truly fitting name. The droning rolling vocals, Florentine strumming and background accordion have at times hypnotised to playing it again and again for far longer than I intended.

Matt Stockl- Lewd Scenes From the Graveyard
I’m willing to wager that this is the most ambient narration of necrophilia you’ll encounter all week. Ghostly wailing synths, clean finger-picking and a matter of fact attitude weirdly come together to tell of this ‘sexually transmitted haunting.’

The Long Lost Band- Dreamboat 
Another track that caught me with it’s lyrics, but for very different reasons is Dreamboat. Lovely watery imagery fully captured by the sound of these guys together.

Roxanne de Bastion- Wasteland
The image for this track is of Roxanne helping to tear down the Berlin Wall, and the track is no less poignant. Taken from her ‘Seeing You’ EP (Available Spotify Amazon etc), this track is a rally to arms to defend creative spaces.

The Portraits- Small But Strong
Another band that always have a strong message to share is the Portraits. These guys make up most of my private ‘Orchestrated Folk’ collection, and I’m always excited when they release something new. Resolute vocals, beautiful strings an important class point well made.

Emilio Pinchi- Sober at the Party
Emilio previously made it onto this blog a few months back. He’s back with his alchohol infused laments. His songs speak of hope through a haze, a labourious drive forward when half of you is holding you back. Video found here.

The Black Feathers- All For You
Across the pond for some American and classic American Country vocal harmonies. Catchy guitar melody that I now desperately need sung to me round a camp fire.

Wyldest- Wanders
New tune from North London trio Wyldest. Available as part of their EP on ITunes, nice dreamy pop with floaty vocals and some nifty percussion.

Palace Winter- Soft Machine
Droning indie synth-rock from Australian/Danish duo Palace Winter. Sounds like waking up into a snowstorm dream-scape. Find it on the album that can be bought here.

San Felu- Quantum Entanglement
Strong building melody, poingnant lyrics and jangly noodly accompaniment on guitar.

Camp Stag- Victoria
Fresh from the studio is the slowly building electric ambience of Camp Stag. Watch out for the lovely explosion around the 4th minute- I should have been expecting it but wasn’t. Released a week ago (March 28th).

Gerg Robots- Deactivated
By far the most ambient track released from Gerg so far. Normally intense glitchy loops, now chilled, relaxed atmospheric. It seems the transition was made by virus- ‘I’m so fucking ill, I can only concentrate on one melody at a time.’

Deathstar Convertible- Burning Pitch Black
A growling moody electric drone of a track now. I feel like I’m lost inside a massive malevolent computer that is slowly but surely hunting me down.

Dave Dark and the Sharks- Man Alone
A slightly stripped back version of a song I’ve previously enjoyed. Perfect accompaniment for melancholic housework, slightly wistful with a strong enough beat to keep you moving, whilst sapping your joie de vivre. Beautiful.

Andre Tachman- Smoke
This an ambient sultry production with intense attention to detail. Echoes of artists like Fever Ray, Iamamiwhoami, great production and great vibe.

Dayflower- Heart Shaped Tambourine
My absolute favourite this month is a brand new mix of a lovely track from Dayflower. The vocals are sweet and sad, like one of the better beach boys tracks. The synths are dreamy and gorgeous and it all comes together for a beautifully lulling soundscape.