1. October 2015

Mom Tudie Ft Island Lights- Through Flames
I love the grove of this track. I’ve been following Mom Tudie for a while but this is the first that has really gripped me. The smokey sultry vocals, relentlessly laid-back beat and sunbathing horns are just what you need when the night is starting smoulder.

Raving Wild- Kolmanskop
I got into this straight away. The ambient droning hypnotism really strikes a chord. It’s a simple melody that comes back hauntingly, as the chisel like beat scores itself into your skull. Once it stops you can’t stop hearing it.

Passport to Stockholm- Let me Know
It’s about time we had some decent orchestrated pop. The sweeping strings provide a great backdrop to the noodly guitar, and the catchy vocals- top job.

Emilio Pinchi-  Naps
I love the laid back production on this touching singer/songwriter. The touching content matter, gruff voice and sweet xylophone speak of sincerity, in a way that will make you sit and think after the last notes have already faded away.

Wesfinch- Red Goose
This song tells a lovely story and once we get into the second minute there’s a fantastic level of accompaniment. I wonderfully orchestrated folk tune that stirs up deep emotions.

Windmill- How Many Times
The delicate breathy vocals swell and grow as the track progresses. The simplistic strumming combines with this to give it a real wintry feel, giving the illusion of a rosy-cheeked young busker playing outside a John Lewis Christmas display. Lovely.

Paul Taylor- Anomaly Two
This is a quite lovely piano improvisation that seems to gently float out of the speakers. It has a lovely soothing gentle flow, great to put on just before sleep.

Matthew Falloon- Star
In this track Matthew reminds me of Neil Finn from Crowded House. His voice has got just the right level of tenacity and grit to hang the melody on. Wished it could have gone on for longer, top sound for a singer songwriter.

Lewis & Leigh- Please Darlin’
I always get excited when I see a new recording from these guys. The rockabilly vocals are enthusiastically accompanied by horns, and keys  and you can’t help but tap a foot. This song actually makes washing up fun.

Billy Hill and Ramon Goose- Road Rage
This youngster has incredible talent for his age. I always get excited when I see his name in the list of releases. A great tune for a Sunday morning, the fiddle weaves up and down with dexterity and grace. Even better- it’s taken live.

Folded like Fabric- Patiently
The chilled noodly indy vibe of this track puts you in mind of field music, plants and animals etc. Every aspect has a hook yet it’s great to just have on in the background. Great multi-purpose listening music.

Venkman- Andrew, You’re Horizontal Again
I’ve been following Venkman since Magnetic Spires and this is typically great. They’ve reined in the Math rock rhythm section slightly which better matches the style of the vocals whilst retaining the quirky, stop-start nature of the melodies.

Sinnober- Never is a Long Time
Clean sounding americana with pure harmonies. If you can forgive the title (it took me a while) you’ll be reminded of cowboy hats, fast open roads and camp fire evenings. If you haven’t been listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd too much recently then this is perfect.

Black Casino and the Ghost- Veggie Tarantula
This tune is raw, distorted, and anthemic. The sort of tone you’d expect to hear at 03:00 Saturday morning in a Rock club. Warning- don’t listen to this when hungover.

Violectic- Bruiser
This track has a great dark sound that builds up into a wonderfully aggressive sort of hypnotism. The powerful vocals, menacing guitar and unremitting high-hat abuse will be welcome to fans of Thee Silver Mt Zion.

Hawk- Once Told
Hawk come out fighting with this track, an aggressive drone that only lets off to add in more layers of vocals. The Thom York style synth in the breakdown is as unexpected as it is welcome, which only makes the return more biting and more powerful.

Solko- Dog
My favourite this month is a punchy, skanky track. The frequent dub breakdowns only help the adrenaline levels spike higher at the release. Simulatenously soothing, cathartic and groovy. Sounds like a lot of fun live.


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